For many years, people have been wondering about the existence of Shambala (or Shangri-la), venturing to locate it in the mountains and deserts and also claiming to have found it, sometimes. But Shambala has remained ever elusive, beyond the reach of the ordinary human being.

Maharshi Amara (1919-1982), knew about the extraordinary aspects of the Life in Shambala. He said the world was not yet ready for Shambala, which is why it has remained out of bounds for most people.

People in Shambala live a Life of perfection for eternity. Their civilization has reached the highest level. Their sciences, both material and Spiritual, have advanced so much that they live by drawing energy directly from the sun. They do not suffer from hunger, disease, death or any form of negativity.

When we raise the levels of our purity and be ready to understand, accept and live the ways of Shambala, it will open its doors to us. For that, we have to prepare..

Shambala is important now because we are advancing into the New Age. In a not so far off future, we should be living in a world free of violence, corruption and all the imperfections of the Dark Age we have just passed through, when we would become eligible to reach the heart of Shambala.

Maharshi Amara had explained to us that the whole world would become Shambala. This should inspire us to prepare ourselves fast. We need not wait till the New Age gets established. We can be ready for the New Age by establishing Shambala within us now.

People of Shambala could grow to such heights because they followed certain principles. These are known as the Shambala Principles. Each one of them has been perfected by the Rishis (Enlightened Masters) through many years of Meditation and Divine Insight. Maharshi Amara said that if we practise even one of the Shambala principles perfectly, we attain the highest level of Divinity.

The Shambala Principles:

These are the seven Shambala Principles in brief:

    Experience Ananda (bliss) in your Core and spread it.

    Experience Love and spread it.

    Experience the Oneness of Life in everyone and everything.

    Carry out the daily activities first in mind, then verbalise it in soft whispers and then actualise them in deeds.

    Observe the law of secrecy before achieving any goal by minimising talks about it.

    Gear up the body, mind and intellect to fight out the negativities.

    Draw your own lines of contentment with material requirements to pursue higher Spiritual goals.

Some of the principles also have corresponding techniques that can be practised.

The first principle, Spreading Bliss, can be practised as shown in this animation:

The second principle of Spreading Love can be practised as shown below:

Suggested Books

For a detailed explanation of all the principles and to know more about Shambala, please read the book 'Practising Shambala Principles'.