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The Founders of this Path, the Rishis Path or the Sapta Rishis Path are, in reality, the seven great Light Masters guided by Master V or Vishwamitra Maharshi.

On the human plane two Light Masters founded this Path.

Maharshi Amara (1919 - 1982)

He was one of the tallest Light Masters ever walked on the earth. He came in contact with the seven Light Masters in the Astral plane at the age of nine and worked with them till his end.

He travelled astrally daily to other worlds and gathered vast Spiritual Knowledge, particularly the science of Meditation.

He founded the Rishis Path in 1974 when the Dark Age or the Kali Yuga ended.

He continues to guide the followers from the Astral plane even now.

Guruji Krishnananda (1939 - 2012)

He was the direct disciple of Maharshi Amara. He met Maharshi Amara in 1977 to learn Meditation and joined his Spiritual Project in 1981.

He founded Manasa Light Age Foundation in 1988 and established the Study Centre in 2007.

He wrote "Doorways to Light" (1998) which is considered as one of the most important books after the "Autobiography of a Yogi".

His book "Channelled Knowledge from the Rishis" (2005) has channelled answers to most of the questions that a seeker of Truth and a Meditator come across.

He was a channel for the Hierarchy.

He lived in Taponagara, 20 KMs away from Bangalore, India. He lived in seclusion and lived away from the glare of publicity like his Guru did.

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