Spiritual Knowledge

Knowledge Series - by

Guruji Krishnananda

SOULS Part 6


The soul resides in the Spiritual body, which is covered by the intellect, the mind, the vital body and the physical body in that order. The Spiritual body, the intellectual sheath and the mental sheath constitute the Astral Body. The Astral Body can come out of the physical body and move around. This is known as Astral travel. When the Astral body moves away from the physical body, the silver cord that connects the two stretches like an elastic band. The silver cord can stretch to any length.

When we come out of the physical body, we are free from the limitations of the body. This helps us to understand higher truths and to learn faster. The Rishis sometimes use Astral communication where physical communication is not feasible. Whether we are in the physical body or the Astral body, we perceive and operate through our mind and intellect.

It is possible for the Spiritual body to free itself from the Astral body and travel in space. This is known as Soul Travel or Causal Travel.

The Astral body can be used to visit most places on earth. It is not possible to enter a place like Shambala in the Astral body for an ordinary person because of its high vibratory level. In such cases, the soul must travel without its Astral body. There is a field of energy around the earth at a distance of 51,840 miles. Known as Shaishumara Chakra in Sanskrit, it protects the earth and its inhabitants. It is safe to travel astrally within this field of energy. To go beyond, one must travel without the Astral body.

Soul travel is undertaken whenever Astral travel is not possible. For example, to enter other dimensions, one must travel in the Spiritual body and not in the Astral body.

Soul travel is not meant for experiencing the Creation, since the mind is not present. Before the soul travels, a Light Body is created and used as a vehicle to travel in and to protect the Spiritual body. This vehicle known as Merkaba, also camouflages the soul during its travel.

Though a lot has been said and written about Merkaba, we believe that it is just a vehicle meant for Soul Travel.

Soul travel must be approved and assisted by the Rishis.

For Soul travel to be possible, one has to be pure, one has to be Light. Anyone cannot do it. There should be no Karmas. But the Rishis can take anyone on a Soul travel by temporarily keeping the Karmas aside.

After the Soul travel, it is very difficult to recall the experience, since the experience is recorded by the soul and not by the mind. The experience may surface to the unconscious mind first and then to the conscious mind through intuition, if the knowledge of the Soul travel is required at this level. Otherwise, it will never surface. A sharp intuition is necessary for recalling both Astral travel and Soul travel experiences. And the intuition can be sharpened by regular Meditations.

Some reasons for Soul travel:

* To access information, to work in a different cycle of earth
* To connect to a discarnate soul; to heal; to do planetary work
* To travel to your past and work from your higher self
* To meet someone and communicate to them at the soul level for the sake of service
* To travel to Cosmic schools and other dimensions to learn
* To become more aware of your multi-dimensional self

Some misconceptions about Soul travel are listed here in -:

"Soul travel is a shift in consciousness."
"A form of Soul travel is an expansion of consciousness."
"Soul travel is a movement of inner consciousness."
"Soul travel is an individual moving closer to the heart of God."

In our understanding: Soul travel is not about a shift or an expansion of consciousness. A shift is not a journey. Soul travel is travelling in the Spiritual body during which, the awareness will be at a higher level, since the Astral body is left behind and the soul can operate without the mind.

SOULS Part 7


Under normal circumstances, when a soul is due to take birth, a human body is allocated to it and it gets connected to the foetus through the silver cord. At the time of birth, the soul's Astral body is attached to the physical body with the help of the Vital body received from the Sun, which acts as a glue between them. At the time of death, the silver cord is severed, the Astral body is separated from the physical body, the Vital body is released and it returns to its source, the Sun. This process applies to all the souls that take birth, including the great Masters, Rishis and Avatars. After birth, they all must go through childhood, education, adulthood etc. before they can begin their work.

Under special circumstances, some workers who prefer to skip the childhood and like to begin their work without wasting any time, take up the body of a person already living, but willing to leave the body. This, of course, is done with the permission of the individual and the beings in charge of the birthing process. Even the physical body is consulted and only if it is willing, it is used. Before the body is taken up by the new occupant, the silver cord is severed and the old occupant's soul with its Astral body leaves the body, leaving behind the Vital body. The incoming soul is then attached to the body and life continues for the body but with a different soul. In this method of taking birth, the incoming soul is known as a 'Walk-in'.

There is a plane of existence in which a Council of Souls exists, which is responsible for managing birth, death and walk-ins. Also, some souls from there live on this earth to facilitate the walk-in process from this side.

In most walk-in cases, the walk-in process is planned before the birth of the walking-out soul on this earth. This is also known as a contract between the two souls involved. It is possible that for a brief period, both the souls exist in the body. This is allowed to help the walk-in to get acquainted with the body. During this time, only one of the souls stays connected to the body through the silver cord.

After the Walk-in process is complete, the new soul should learn to operate the body and integrate it with its own personality. This process can take months or years and is not easy. The mind carries Karmic impressions from many lifetimes. These impressions are transferred to every cell in the body in the present lifetime. When the 'walking-out' soul leaves, these impressions are not automatically removed. The 'walk-in' must reprogram the body at the cellular level. It can be a painful and confusing experience for the body and its cooperation is a must for this to work. The walk-in must treat the body like a child with lots of love and patience. Each cell has the intelligence and awareness to know whether there is a higher purpose for the walk-in and whether to accept or reject the whole process.

This method of birthing is very rarely employed. Many New Agers believe that most of the Masters in recent times such as Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ were Walk-ins, implying, their bodies were occupied by other souls until they walked-in and began their work. This, however is untrue and none of these Masters were walk-ins. These Masters do not prefer the walk-in route because it takes many, many years to prepare their bodies for such important works and other souls cannot do it for them.

Another form of walk-in is, when a soul takes birth in the normal way, only a part of it comes down and occupies the body. At a later date, when a higher responsibility is given to the soul or when it takes up higher work, more of the soul comes down and enters the body by joining the already incarnate part of the soul. This is done so that the individual can work more efficiently. In this type of walk-in, the body is not subjected to confusion and suffering as this is not a violent process. Also, no changes can be noticed in the personality since the part of the soul that came first continues to be in the body.

This method of walk-in is also not common and it is employed only by those who take birth to work for the Creation rather than to experience life. In the case of the individuals who take birth only to experience life, the entire soul descends into the body at the time of birth and there is no scope for further walk-ins.

What some New Agers say:

"Typically, a Soul Exchange is made by the "walk-in" taking on the lower three personality Chakras (Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras) of the "walk-out" while retaining their own upper four Spiritual Chakras (Crown, Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras). The lower Chakras must remain connected to the earth at all times for the body to survive. Yet the upper Chakras are a person's "Divine core essence" which they carry between lives and bodies."

In our understanding:

The Chakras are located in the mind and not in the body. They connect us to higher planes and remain in the mind until the mind is returned. Therefore, when the soul leaves, it leaves with the Astral body comprising the mind and intellect and hence, all the Chakras go with it. It is generally believed that when a soul walks out, its memories and experiences are left behind but this is not so. The memories are in the mind and when the soul leaves, it leaves with the mind and hence the memories and experiences as well. Only physical habits such as walking, talking (in specific languages), cycling etc. are left behind. However, in certain cases where the walk-in prefers to retain some of the memory of the walking-out soul in order to maintain relationships, a part of the memory is left behind to facilitate this.



What is a Chakra?

A Chakra is a wheel shaped gadget and an energy centre.

When a soul decides to take birth on this earth, it has to pass through many planes*. When it reaches the Plane of Mind, known as Brahma Loka in Sanskrit, it is allowed to choose and don a mind, which is like a spacesuit required for entering the Material Cosmos.

After entering the Material Cosmos, it had to journey through six planes of existence before reaching the seventh plane. As it entered each plane, it was given a Chakra as a seal of entry. Since our earth is in the seventh plane, we have seven Chakras. If a soul were to take birth in the first plane, it would have only one Chakra.

Each Chakra connects us to the plane of its origin and allows us to draw knowledge and energies from there and stores the memory of our journey through that plane.

*(Please read the book 'Descent of Soul" by Guruji Krishnananda for more information.)

All Chakras are located in the Mind or the Mental sheath (Manomaya Kosha) along the spine. They are known as:

* Mooladhara Chakra is from Bhooloka (earth);
* Swadhishtana Chakra is from Bhuvaloka;
* Manipura Chakra is from Suva(sva)loka;
* Anahata Chakra is from Mahaloka;
* Vishuddhi Chakra is from Janaloka;
* Agna Chakra is from Tapoloka;
* Sahasrara Chakra is from Satyaloka.

The Seven Chakras

Each Chakra is connected to a particular dimension. When activated by Meditations, we can enter into that dimension (Loka). If a person can activate fully a Chakra, he can enter into that dimension and can make a journey in that dimension, we will be able to visit many earths, meet many people and know that there is life in other dimensions also.

Each Chakra contains a certain number of petals or cells. Each cell is like a small container or chamber. Details are:

* Mooladhara - 4 cells
* Swadhisthana - 6 cells
* Manipoora - 10 cells
* Anahata - 12 cells
* Vishuddhi - 16 cells
* Agna - 2 cells
* Sahasrara - 1000

Each cell stores a particular energy. While Mooladhara Chakra can store four types of energies, the Sahasrara Chakra can store one thousand different energies.


Each Chakra represents a particular plane. It absorbs the knowledge and energies of its plane and stores them in itself; we can receive these energies by using the key mantra of the Chakra. Chakras can be activated. Then, they start working, vibrating and releasing energies.

Chakra activation occurs at different levels. When we activate the Chakras at a particular level, we get the grosser energies. Sometimes it may result in a kind of movement in the body; it could be along the spine, jerks, shocks etc. These are the nerve currents and the grosser energy movements.

When they are activated at a different level, the same Chakras release very fine energies and work as the doorways to different dimensions.

Each Chakra can be active or nearly dormant. If it is active, it indicates that it is receiving knowledge and energies from its corresponding plane. If a Chakra is dormant, then all Chakras above it will also be dormant. Left to themselves, the Chakras remain dormant in the dark age and they get activated when we enter the Golden Age. A Chakra can never be totally dormant.

A Rishi can activate a dormant Chakra to help an aspirant grow spiritually. This is usually referred to as initiation, which involves activation of many processes in our system. Such an initiation is done by infusing the individual with special energies.

At certain levels, these Chakras, also, work as storehouses of Spiritual energies. We can store any amount of and many types of energies. We can store energies belonging to a particular group, in a Chakra. These are purely creative energies. They have colours and have their own frequencies.

We get seven types of energies from the seven Chakras which help in cleansing the system.

Energies have intelligence. They know where to store themselves in our bodies. For e.g. they are aware of which Chakra is appropriate for them. However, we have to keep ourselves open to receiving them. Trees transmit a lot of positive energies from the earth. These get stored in our Mooladhara Chakra.

When Chakras are activated we receive powers. But the powers are surrendered on this Path of the Rishis. If we begin playing with powers, it is dangerous. Sadly we move away from the Spiritual goals.

Chakras have an influence on the endocrine system. Therefore, emotional upheavals directly affect the glands and thereby, the entire system.

Peace is not just the absence of disturbing emotions. There is Peace at deeper levels. No person on earth can provoke and enrage if Peace is experienced at the deeper level. We will be like God. To establish contact with and experience Peace at this deeper level, we have to activate the Chakras and the Kundalini, experience Samadhi and go beyond it.

We have the goal of liberation from all negativities. We have to first get liberated from the weaknesses of the mind and the limitations of the intellect. The Chakras have their limitations. Each plane has its own limitations. We have to get liberated from all these. We have to go beyond all the Chakras when we speak of liberation.

As we advance in time, the Chakras get activated automatically. After fifty years, people need not meditate because spiritual growth happens automatically, as we would have advanced into Satya Yuga.

When we experience the New Age energies, they activate Chakras, raise Kundalini, remove Karmas and help transformation. So when we meditate we allow these energies to work through us and they do everything else.

In Light Age, the Chakras remain as just gadgets. We don't require the energies from them because we will be having the Light in our system. Light is the highest energy, the most powerful energy. We don't require Chakras. The Chakras remain as gadgets or maybe as the connecting points to the respective planes or Lokas.


Dasha-vidha-nada means ten types of sounds which emanate from the Anahata Chakra. With every sound the level of our Spiritual experience shifts. We get absorbed in it and Yoga happens. Laya Yoga is absorption. The first sound is called Paridhi, which means the ocean and the tenth sound is that of lightning. The other sounds are veena, nupur, mrudanga, bells or ghanta, etc.

Amara had mentioned that when the sound of lightning is heard we enter into Samadhi. Om is not one of these ten sounds.

Other chakras do not have such sounds. This is because only the Anahata chakra carries energies from Lord Shiva. He is Yogindra and he is the one who gives us these experiences. Chakras are not merely energy points.



Benefits of Chakra Activation

Each Chakra has cells or petals, which indicate its vibratory level. When we activate the Chakras, we get many benefits. The primary benefits are as follows:

Mooladhara Chakra - Activating this Chakra brings stability at all levels - in health, emotions and thoughts. There will be less confusion in our living. We will be very clear and stable in our intentions and decisions. People around us find us much more credible and dependable; so automatically, there will be respect for us.

Swadhishthana Chakra - Activating this Chakra clears some Karmas. The cleansing of the mind takes place in this Chakra, because of this certain impressions of the mind are removed. The efficiency of the mind and memory power increases. We will be able to grasp more and retain the knowledge. Whenever we require this knowledge, we will be able to draw as much as we want. The power of concentration increases.

People may have new experiences related to the mind. These experiences are mostly visions. We will have more colourful dreams. Even while meditating, we will be able to see a lot of Astral occurances.

When Swadhishthana Chakra is activated, our creative ability increases.

Manipoora Chakra - The cleansing process continues in this Chakra. If we meditate more in this Chakra, the Karmas of past lives begin to get cleared. The cleansing process advances and reaches certain levels. This helps the separation of the Astral body from the physical body. At this stage we will be able to travel Astrally in Space.

In this stage only some Karmas, not all, get cleared. Because of this, certain problems in our life get resolved. This Chakra helps us to clear many problems. When Manipoora Chakra is activated, it helps in managing our emotions and our life.

Anahata Chakra - The process of cleansing and clearing of Karmas continues in this Chakra. Here, more emphasis is given to the intellect. So the thoughts become purer.

We will have experiences of the Dasha-vidha-nada sounds.

We will be able to enter subtler levels and subtler planes of consciousness.

If we continue the practice of Astral travel, we will be able to make very successful travel.

Anahata Chakra helps us shift our focus to the Spiritual realities. When this Chakra is activated we realize there is so much around us, and there are so many realities that we have to understand and experience. This shift in focus occurs.

Vishuddhi Chakra - Activating this Chakra helps acquire powers. Our capacities to gather Spiritual energies as well as our efficiency in storing these energies will be enhanced. As these enter our system, an intelligence which is within us but unknown to us, categorises the Spiritual energies. Most of these energies are stored in our Chakras.

When Vishuddhi Chakra is activated, we seriously take up pursuits of higher experiences.

Agna Chakra - When Agna Chakra is activated, there will be a new Awareness. We firmly get rooted in our Spiritual pursuits.

One of the benefits is the opening of the third eye. We will be able to see the Astral worlds and Astral persons. Opening of the third eye is not easy but it is possible. For that, mere Meditations in this Chakra, is not enough. We have to purify our thoughts, emotions and all our actions.

This Chakra helps us to travel in other dimensions. The Astral travel in Space begins in Manipoora Chakra. From Agna Chakra onwards, we will be able to travel in Time. That is why sometimes people will have a glimpse of the past or a sudden momentary glimpse of the future.

Some believe that the third eye is located in the Agna Chakra. It is not so. The third eye is the capacity or a Divine faculty of the soul to perceive directly from any reality.

The practice of Hindus using vermilion on their forehead is believed to signify the third eye. This is done to prevent the loss of energy from the Agna Chakra and not to represent the third eye.

Sahasrara Chakra - Activating this Chakra helps us expand our consciousness and experience Samadhi. It brings us happiness, contentment.

In a nutshell, the benefits of activating Chakras are:

1. Mooladhara - Emotional stability, good health
2. Swadhisthana - Joyousness, sexual contentment
3. Manipoora - Purity, clears Karmas
4. Anahata - Expansion, higher experiences
5. Vishuddhi - Sensitivity, powers
6. Ajna - Adventure, Astral travel, opening of third eye
7. Sahasrara - Samadhi, attainment of perfection




There are many energy centres in our system but all these are just energy centers, not Chakras. Some Yogis and Light workers confuse these to be Chakras other than the known seven. Chakras are like gateways to other dimensions.

The Chakras are not merely the distribution points for energies. But they are also the generating centres. They also store energies. The other points cannot do this.

There are only seven Chakras, and there are three more Chakras not known to many - Nirantari, Parihari and Ananta.

* Nirantari - This Chakra is in between the Agna and Sahasrara. It has 108 petals (cells). It is in the shape of a circle. When it is activated, the ageing process stops. The transformation from a mere human to a Divine person takes place. When a person experiences real Samadhi, s/he qualifies to receive the technique to meditate and activate this Chakra.

* Parihari - This Chakra is above the head. It is in the shape of a pyramid. Meditation on this Chakra will remove all types of bondages of this entire material Cosmos. We attain Mukti only when this Chakra gets activated.

* Ananta - This Chakra is above Parihari, it is shaped as an inverted pyramid. When this Chakra is activated, it gives us the experience of Infinity. To experience God, this Chakra has to be activated.


Chakras carry the karmic impressions from all our past lives.

There are different categories of karmic impressions. The karmas belonging to different categories make impressions in different Chakras. Six types of karmas are recorded in the six Chakras.

To gain freedom, we have to wipe out Karmas in all these Chakras. That is why we meditate. The Rishis developed the techniques that help us wipe out the Karmas which compel us to take birth again and again. There are special techniques to burn out Karmas.

The process of clearing the Karmas is either to go through them or burn them. In the first case, we suffer. In the second, we require different types of energies from different Chakras. Without much effort from us, the Rishis give these energies to us. That is why, on The Sapta Rishis Path, we do not spend much time meditating on a Chakra. We activate the Chakra and go ahead.


When Prana is received, it combines with the energy released by a Chakra and a reaction takes place.

When we receive Prana and send it to Mooladhara Chakra, the Kundalini is activated. The Kundalini rises and touches the energy in Sahasrara and fuses with it.

Every Chakra has a special energy. There are different Kundalinis in different Chakras. Whenever Prana reaches a particular Chakra, Kundalini of that Chakra rises to the Sahasrara and fuses with the respective energy.

First, Prana enters into the energy grid in us. Its entry into our energy grid, brings us a lot of strength, efficiency and health. When we practise Kumbhaka, Prana expands and enters the Chakras. Then several Spiritual processes set in. We can also direct the Prana to any point in our system. That is how people who are interested in arousing Kundalini direct the Prana to the Mooladhara Chakra where Kundalini is dormant.

When the Prana expands, it becomes subtler. When it becomes still subtler, it enters the Chakras. During Meditation, Kumbhaka occurs automatically and that is the best Kumbhaka.

There are many energies which are subtler and those energies don't get collected in the Pranamaya Kosha. They are gathered by and stored in the Chakras.



Q: Are there people without Chakras?
A: No. Every human being has Chakras.

Q: Do animals have Chakras?
A: No.

Q: Are the Chakras interconnected?
A: No. Although the Nadis pass through the Chakras, they are not interconnected.

Q: Is activation of Chakras a must in Sadhana?
A: Activation of Chakras helps but it is not a precondition. When we advance in Sadhana, the Chakras get activated automatically.

Q: Are there Chakras below Mooladhara?
A: No.

Q: Is there a shield around each Chakra?
A: No.

Q: Do different forms of gods exist in the Chakras?
A: No.

Q: When our Sadhana is shifted to the next level beyond the Chakra Activation stage, does it mean that all the Chakras are fully activated?
A: No. Full activation takes years. In our Path, we activate the Chakras and move on to the next level without waiting for there full activation.

Q: Do Chakras release energies only during Meditation or at all times?
A: At all times.

Q: Will the Chakras be active even when we reach the state of Samadhi?
A: Yes.

Q: Does our earth also have Chakras like us?
A: The earth has Chakras but not like ours. The earth has energy centres at different places and these were built by the Spiritual Masters, the Rishis. The Chakras that we have are gadgets. We received these gadgets at different planes when we passed through them.

Q: Does the Universe have Chakras?
A: No. A Chakra is a gadget that gathers and stores energies. When we came down to this earth we had to pass through several planes. Whenever we passed through a plane we were gifted with a gadget. Each contains a lot of information. And when we go back to our origin, we have to return the gadget.

The Universe does not have Chakras, naturally. Some people believe that the earth has Chakras. There are energy centres like the one in Mount Kailas, but they are not Chakras.

Q: Do the beings in the higher Lokas have the same number of Chakras as we have?
A: No. The number of Chakras varies from Loka to Loka.

Q: How do I know that a Chakra is active? How do I know my progress?
A: About the activation of a Chakra we cannot know. We cannot know because these processes occur at a deeper layer. We cannot be aware of them. But if we are slightly alert and observe ourselves there will be always changes in our behaviour, thinking and emoting.

Q: Should we activate Chakras in every birth?
A: Yes, we have to. Every time when we come down we take a new body, which has its own genetic Karmas, Karmas of the parents. We have to take up a part of these Karmas. So every time we acquire a body we acquire new set of Karmas. So naturally Sadhana is required.

Q: Is it true that older the soul, bigger the Chakra?
A: The soul does not age. There is nothing like a young soul and an old soul. Age is related to the body. Also, the Chakras do not grow. They remain the same size.

Q: What is the link between the role of Chakras and Koshas in Meditations?
A: When we meditate, we silence the Koshas and activate the Chakras. These are two independent activities. They are not related. Silence of the Koshas helps the awareness to rise, to go beyond the Koshas. Activation of Chakras helps release energies. These energies cleanse our system. Activation of Chakras also helps certain Spiritual processes.

Q: Is activation of Chakras required to contact the Rishis?
A: No. In Sadhana activation of Chakras is only a tiny part. When we activate the Chakras certain energies are released and a cleansing process begins. These energies bring many benefits but they do not help in contacting the Rishis.

To contact the Rishis, what is required is love and not techniques. If we have great love, the Rishis contact us.

We are in advanced times because we are entering the Light Age. There was a time when we used to spend a lot of time in activating the Chakras. Now it is not required. When you take up advanced practises like experiencing Light, activation of Chakras occurs by itself.

Q: I experience pain in the Chakras when I meditate. Is it normal?
A: No, it is not normal. When we meditate there will be no pain. In Sadhana there are struggles but there is no pain.

The pain could be because of the residual effect of practising wrong techniques or practising a technique in the wrong way in the previous lifetime.

To get over the pain, meditate regularly. Regular Meditation will remove all the obstacles and negative effects of the wrong practices.

Q: Do the Chakras spin?
A: Since Chakra means a wheel in Sanskrit, it is believed to spin. A Chakra vibrates at a certain frequency but does not spin. When it is active, certain processes get activated in the system. When a person is totally pure, all Chakras will be fully active and energy flows through all of them. Kundalini will rise by itself and the person will have many powers and abundance. On the other hand, when a person is not pure, the system will have blocks that prevent the flow of energies.

Q: Are Chakras in the shape of a vortex?
A: Some New Agers say that a Chakra is in the form of one or two vortexes or spirals depending on the type of endocrine glands it is associated with. Where two spirals are present, one spirals in a clockwise direction while the other spirals in an anti-clockwise direction. We confirm that a Chakra is not a vortex and does not spin.

Q: Are new Chakras being added to our system?
A: It is believed that new Chakras are being added to our system as new energies from the Galactic Centre and other stars are flooding this earth. New energy centres are indeed being opened to receive and process the new energies but not new Chakras.