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My lethargy is gone. My memory has improved and I am at peace. Also I feel I am healthier now.

-Muruga Laxmi K., II Yr., Valliammaiyar Hindu Teacher Training Institute, Kulasekaran Pattinam (June 2013)

I have been a student of this Path and I also give advice to people who come to me seeking guidance with their personal problems. I suggest that they practise Light Channelling. Many are channelling Light regularly and are happy about it. Some of their experiences are as below: A lady had some health problems and personal issues. She says that she has benefitted immensely after practising Light Channelling. Her husband who was pressing her to resign from the job has now allowed her to continue. Her relatives have stopped harassing her. A boy who had joined an engineering college had several issues with his classmates and a lecturer. One day a lecturer who was known for being a strict disciplinarian scolded the students and expressed that he would take them to task more severely the next morning. I advised him to practise Light Channelling and also to send Light to the lecturer. He did so. The next day when the class started, the students were tense and expected fireworks from the lecturer. The boy practised Light Channelling even at that time. To everyone’s surprise the lecturer started the class on a jovial note and was humorous throughout that class. The boy now says that after practising Light Channelling he is more focussed in his studies and is always cool. A female employee had brought her legal problem related to a land issue to me for guidance. After giving her legal guidance I asked her to practise Light Channelling. Though the legal case is still pending in the court, she says that she is able to be calm and confident, and her anxiety has been lessened. She feels less depressed now. I too carry Light and feel it is with me and I have had many wonderful experiences. My daughters and little grandsons are practising Light Channelling and the kids have been showing a very good attitude.

-Gurudas M. Bhat

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