Special technique for Navaratri

Think of a huge globe of blue Light. Enter the globe. Experience this globe of Light, experience the energies of Adi Shakti. This technique can be practised for ten days in place of daily Stage Meditations.

Live Webcast

Live webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators. Please contact Manasa office through email (info@lightagemasters.com) for details.


Books can be ordered online or by DD in favour of Manasa Light Age Foundation.

News & Notes

  • Maharshi Amara's Mahasamadhi Day was observed in Taponagara on 27th August.
  • Meditators gathered and meditated in the Meditation hall at Taponagara to celebrate Srikrishna Janmashtami on 14th August.
  • Resident Meditators from Taponagara gathered in the Meditation hall and channelled the energies of eclipse to the whole world, for the entire duration of the Lunar eclipse on 7th August and the Solar eclipse on 21st August. Many other Meditators mind linked and joined from their own places.
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