Ashadha Masa

During Ashadha Masa, which began on 25th June, we get wonderful and great energies directly from Parabrahma Loka. They peak on Guru Poornima, the Full Moon day, which falls on 09-7-2017. On that day we can meditate more, as much as possible. On that day in the night before going to bed imagine Light entering from above and filling up your system completely. Practise this for 7 minutes. The whole night, we will be receiving the energies.

Live webcast

Live webcast of Sunday lectures is available for our Meditators. Please contact Manasa office through email ( for details.


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News & Notes

  • Light Channelling work gathers momentum after the summer holidays in schools. Close to half a million children in more than a thousand schools channel Light regularly during their morning assembly.
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