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“Remove fear. Have hope.” This is the main message from the Rishis at the dawn of this much anticipated year 2012. They say that though some destruction is a possibility, the explosion in human awareness due to increase in the New Age Spiritual Energies will help those who have actually chosen Love and Light. Choosing means we cannot hold on to grudges, non-love and anger towards anyone, and we have to constantly radiate love and peace.

Sounds difficult! Well, here’s some great news from Guruji. Last night as the clock struck midnight and the calendar date changed to January 1st, 2012, there was a Shift in Time. In the 20 odd hours since, Guruji said, there has been a Shift in each one of us. The impact of the change in Time is strong. He said, “I met so many people personally and spoke to them yesterday (1st January) and I could see the unexpected change in them.”

Guruji further added, “Those under the direct guidance from the Rishis have to manifest love irrespective of the situation. Nothing others do or say should dissuade us from doing so.”


After the Residents’ New Year get-together, Guruji spent considerable amount of time talking to some students till 3:30AM. He started his day earlier than usual because it was the day of Initiations; after the main Sunday Class he had a string of meetings which lasted till 7:45PM! Each meeting was a session of Spiritual guidance. With only a 30 minutes nap he again had a meeting, following which, even though he had settled for a relaxed comfortable evening to watch a movie, most of the time he gave us new messages from the Shoonya Masa Rishis (They are the Great Spiritual Masters who manage the affairs of this earth when the Saptarshis go into Tapas from December 15th to January 14th every year). Here are some of those points:

“By the end of 2012 the amount of evil on earth will be diminished. If anything is left over the year 2013 will clear it.

“Even those who resist positive change will transform. Those who have decided for sure to hold onto non-love will have to move to other earths with Kali Yuga like life.

“Everyone will go into instant self-review and introspection; the self-correction mechanism will become stronger. We will consciously choose not to repeat our mistakes, negative thought patterns, etc. Since we make the right choices we won’t be riddled with guilt and hence we will naturally be more tuned to God. Even our Karmas will guide us into being a better person! This is the power of the New Age Energies.

“The pace of transformation will be fast. For those who really want to positivise, it will take very little effort to bridge the gap between what we are and what we want to be, as all help required will be provided.

“Most importantly everyone and everything around us will also co-operate in mutual benefit. There will be more self-awareness amongst people.

“In this year all problems will find solutions.

“Conflict resolution will be such that eventually there will be no clashes. Not just us but even others give up for another and we all dissolve in love.

“If we feel that while resolving some problem we had to sacrifice something then the Universe somehow compensates.

“We will be able to see others in a new light without prejudices, irrespective of all their positives and negatives.

“The Shift in Time is approved by God Himself. The Saptarshis inform Master V (Vishwamitra Maharshi) out of courtesy before bringing about this change.

“We will all be channels of the Rishis, even like Rishis in the times to come.


It was well past 3am and Guruji was still fresh and energetic. While wishing us a good night he mentioned that he will catch-up with news on TV, read some magazines and finally meditate before he actually ends the day! Guruji is 72 years old and yet he was more vibrant with enthusiasm than the rest of us and was joyously looking forward to 2012.


A dialogue from the Hollywood movie – The Day The Earth Stood Still – starring Keanu Reeves is quite apt, “At the very end, at the very precipice, human beings do chose to change.”



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Thank you Guruji

Posted by mani on 14-01-2012

Thank you, for the much awaited new year messages from the Rishis. It is really heartening to get such good news, giving us the right direction to head.

Posted by nandita on 12-01-2012

Very hopeful message. Finally our dreams will come true... Light Age!

Posted by Hemant Sharma on 08-01-2012

Thank you Guruji for the New Year Message full of Hope and faith in Rishis.

Posted by k b rao on 08-01-2012

The contents of the article tells us that all we have to do is hold the flag of light and love high in our hearts. Rest will follow..

Posted by pragti on 06-01-2012

That's a beautiful message to start the New year with; renewed hope and lots of Love..Thanks to Guruji and the team..

Posted by Rama on 04-01-2012

It is exciting to know that we will all transform and even our Karmas will guide us into being better persons. Such wonderful messages do inspire us to transform. Thanks, Guruji.

Posted by geethasaraswathi on 04-01-2012

Very good New Year message given by Guruji. We all are fortunate to be with Guruji and the Rishis.

Posted by Kamal D on 03-01-2012