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  (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

When we start meditating, we can see the effects, the influence even in our surroundings. Go to your place of Meditation, anyone will feel peaceful there, not only us. Anyone who enters our room, anyone who comes near us will feel this strange peace, strange calmness. We need not meditate in our offices. We are supposed to work. We can't meditate there. But from a Meditator, even in his or her office, in the surroundings, even in the objects, the people can feel the peace vibrating, reflecting actually. So a Meditator is virtually a bank, a moving bank of peace. This is a wonderful thing. It's a benefit that we get now, in this life, now itself, immediately. These are all the facts we have to go on reminding ourselves always, at least often.


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